Top 6 Coconut Varieties in India: Types of Coconut

West Coast Tall coconut is known for its large-sized fruits and high oil content. It is a popular coconut variety in India and is cultivated along the western coastal regions.
East Coast Tall coconut is popular for its tall structure and resistance to pests and diseases. It is a widely produced coconut variety along the eastern coastal parts of India.
Chowghat Green Dwarf coconut has a compact size, early bearing, and high-yielding nature. It is a popular dwarf coconut variety in India, mainly in the Chowghat region of Kerala.
Kera Sankara coconut is recognized for its sweet and aromatic water. This coconut variety is highly grown in India and is popular for both its taste and religious significance.
Chandra Laksha coconut has significantly large nuts and quick growth. It is one of the prominent coconut varieties in India, known for its adaptability to various climates.
This coconut variety has a sweet taste and it takes around 3 years for flowering. Kalpasree coconut has a tender fruit and it can easily withstand root diseases.
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