Popular Agriculture Business Idea in India

One of the popular agriculture business ideas is to sell organic vegetables without harmful chemicals to health-conscious customers. Source from certified farmers or grow on your farm.
Raise cows or buffaloes for milk production. Sell milk and milk products such as cheese, butter, yogurt, and paneer.
Cultivate fish in ponds, tanks, or cages for human consumption or ornamental purposes. Select suitable fish species, feed and harvest them.
Grow edible fungi in controlled conditions for culinary or medicinal use. Select suitable mushroom varieties, prepare the substrate, inoculate the spawn, and harvest the mushrooms.
Grow flowers for ornamental or commercial purposes. Choose suitable flower varieties, plant the seeds or cuttings, water and fertilize the plants, and harvest and package the flowers.
Use earthworms to convert organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Collect organic waste, prepare worm bins or pits, add earthworms and bedding material, and harvest the vermicompost.
Plant nursery involves growing and selling plants for gardening or landscaping purposes. Grow, sell, and market various plant varieties for gardening and landscaping.
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