Popular 4WD Tractor Models In India With Complete Details, And Price

Mahindra JIVO 245 DI

Mahindra JIVO 245 is fitted with a 24 HP engine which gives 22 PTO HP and has 750 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. The price of this 4WD tractor is Rs. 5.15 to 5.30 lakh.

Mahindra Jivo 365 DI 4WD

Built with a 3-cylinder engine and 36 HP, this Mahindra 4WD tractor is listed from Rs. 5.75 to 5.98 lakh in India and provides excellent performance. It is ideal for garden maintenance.

Powertrac Euro 45 PLUS 4WD

Powertrac Euro 45 Plus 4WD has a 1600 kg hydraulic lifting capacity which is powered by a 2761 CC, 47 HP engine. It is available from Rs. 8.20 to 8.65 lakh.

Swaraj 855 FE

This powerful tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder, 52 HP engine with 46 PTO HP. Swaraj 855 FE price is Rs. 7.80 to 9.89 lakh in India. Thus, it is a reliable tractor.

John Deere 5310 GearPro

John Deere 5310 GearPro comes with a 50 Power Take-Off HP and 2000 KG lifting capacity, and it is available from Rs. 8.88 to 11.00 lakh in India, making it a suitable choice.

Massey Ferguson 6028

Massey Ferguson 6028 comes with a 28 Power Take-Off HP and 739 KG lifting capacity for numerous farming tasks. And it is available from Rs. 5.50 to 5.90 lakh in India.

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