Pomegranate Farming Tips in india: Pomegranate season

Numerous pomegranate varieties are famous for their large scale production. However, the Bhagwa and the Ganesh are major varieties of Pomegranate for higher yield.
The pomegranate farming requires a semi-arid condition to produce a good-quality yield. Along with this, the trees need a dry and hot climate for higher teeth.
Pomegranate farming needs deep loamy soil for a higher yield, and it also grows well in clayey and sandy soils. Moreover, the soil must be reasonably alkaline for healthy growth.
The pomegranate farming requires adequate ploughing and harrowing for a fine tilth land. Along with this, we must ensure the removal of unwanted plants for easier growth.
The cuttings, air layering or gootee methods are popular for vegetative propagation in Pomegranate farming. As a result, pomegranate farming can be done easily.
Clippers or manual tools are used for the harvesting process of pomegranate farming. Apart from this, the fruits are placed into plastic bags for long life.
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