Pista Farming in India - Pistachio Harvest Season

Pistachio tree farming is profitable due to the high demand for pistachios in India and worldwide, low maintenance costs, long tree lifespan and the ability to produce high yields per acre.
Pistachio cultivation is growing in the arid and semi-arid parts of west and south India, where farmers find it suitable for their land.
Pista farming thrives in regions with well-drained soil and a dry climate with low humidity, making it ideal for cultivation in arid areas of India.
The ideal season for Pista cultivation in India is from February to March or August to September, depending on the region, making it a year-round profitable crop.
Pista Cultivation methods in India involve planting grafted saplings, carefully selecting the site, providing proper irrigation, pest management, regular pruning, and disease control.
India mainly cultivates these Pista varieties: Kerman, Peter, Chiko, Red Allepo and Joley.
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