Perennial Crops Farming Benefits & Types

The root system of the Perennial crops has a large network, which helps in holding the soil. Thus, keeping the soil tightly packed, preventing the erosion of soil.
The tightly packed soil will hold higher moisture content due to the production of perennial crops. Therefore, the water content of the soil will significantly increase.
Perennial crops highly consume carbon for their nutrition, and this leads to a decrease in harmful carbon emissions, which is a harmful factor for the environment.

When carbon emissions are reduced, and fossil fuels are restored, there will be less pollution, which will result in a positive change in the climatic conditions.

With higher water content, reduced carbon emissions and suitable climatic conditions, there will be a higher amount of foliage which gives higher farming yield.
There is an assurance of sufficient crop yield by producing perennial crops because these are easy to plant and harvest without much investment and do not require special care.
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