Top 5 Pepper Production States In India

Karnataka in India is the largest producer of pepper. This state majorly contributes to the total pepper production of India as it has a climate and soil suitable for pepper.
Karnataka produced more than 60 percent of the country’s overall production of pepper. This led to 5,640 tonnes of black pepper produced in the state of Karnataka.
Kerala also competes with Karnataka in terms of pepper production in India. This makes it another popular pepper producing state with high quality of peppers produced.
The cultivation of pepper is a popular farming business in Assam. This state is the home to a number of wild pepper varieties which have high demand throughout the country.
Tamil Nadu cultivated about 1,310 tonnes of black pepper in India. As a result, the state of Tamil Nadu has a significant role in the overall production of pepper.
Meghalaya is also one of the best 5 pepper growing states in India. Meghalaya’s climate and soil help farmers produce a high-quality yield of peppers for profits.
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