Passion Flower Varieties in India - Passion Flower Plant

This variety is characterised by its vibrant blue petals, which add a striking splash of colour to gardens and landscapes and attract attention and admiration from enthusiasts.
Known for its rich purple blooms, this variety is prized for its beauty and ornamental value, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any garden or landscape it graces.
Renowned for its delicious and aromatic fruits, this vine is cherished for its culinary versatility and medicinal properties, making it a valuable addition to gardens and farms across India.
Despite its unpleasant odour, this variety captivates with its unique and intricate flowers, attracting curious observers and adding intrigue to botanical collections and gardens.
Known for its sweet and flavorful fruits, this variety is loved for its taste and nutritional value, making it a popular choice among fruit enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.
Resembling miniature bananas, the fruits of this variety are delicious and sought after by fruit enthusiasts, adding a tropical flair to gardens and providing a tasty treat for those who cultivate it.
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