Paddy Crop Farming Tips in India - Paddy Varieties

Popular paddy varieties include Basmati (long-grain, fragrant), Jasmine (aromatic, Southeast Asia), Sushi (short-grain, sticky), Arborio (Italian risotto rice), and Calrose (versatile medium-grain).
Paddy grows best in places with lots of humidity, long sunny days, and steady water. It needs temperatures between 21 to 37º C during its growth.
The main rice growing season in the region is called 'Kharif'. It's also known as winter rice because it's planted from June-July and harvested between November-December.
To conserve water for rice fields, plow in summer. Flood briefly before plowing, ensuring soil saturation. Maintain water cover, 2.5cm deep, during puddling.
Clear weeds and crop debris before levelling rice fields. In weed-heavy areas, use the stale seedbed method: let weeds sprout, then remove them with shallow digging or herbicides.
Rice is typically ready for harvest 25-30 days after flowering. Harvesting is best when 85% of the grain turns straw-coloured or 2/3 of the panicle's main axis is dry.
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