Onion Production in India - Tips and Techniques

Growing Onion commercially requires less investment and minimal care but has some techniques to review.

1. Suitable Climate

Onion can thrive best under temperate, subtropical and tropical climates. India's ideal temperature for growing onions is between 13-25 ℃.

2. Suitable Irrigation

You should do the irrigation at the time of seed plantation. Onion mostly requires 30" of irrigation during the growing season.

3. Suitable Season

The season and time of onion cultivation depend upon the weather and geographical location at a particular place.

4. Varieties of Onion

Onion comes in different sizes, shapes and colours. However, red, white and yellow or brown are the predominant varieties of Onion.

5. Fertilisers

You should make the first application of fertilisers about 3 weeks after the planting of the seedling to get the optimum results.
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