Muskmelon Farming Tips in India - Muskmelon Benefits

Muskmelons come in many types! There's the classic cantaloupe with orange flesh, honeydew with a refreshing taste, Galia with a bit of tartness, and Crenshaw with a strong smell and sweet flavour.
Prepare the field well, and make channels at 2.5m intervals. Water before planting and weekly after. Use 20t/ha FYM, NPK 40:60:30kg/ha initially, then add N 40kg/ha after 30 days.
For best results, sow muskmelon seeds in mid-February. Use 3-4m wide beds, plant seeds 1.5cm deep, 60cm apart, and dibbling or transplanting are suitable methods.
For muskmelons, apply a balanced fertilizer when planting and side-dress with nitrogen before flowering. Continue feeding with a potassium-rich fertilizer as fruits grow.
Water muskmelon plants deeply but infrequently, aiming to keep the soil moist without waterlogging. Start regular watering after planting, and reduce frequency as fruits mature to enhance sweetness.
Harvest muskmelons when the stem near the fruit turns brown and the fruit's skin changes colour. Use a sharp knife to cut the stem, leaving a bit attached to the fruit.
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