Top 5 Most Expensive Mushrooms in The World

There are different Types of Mushroom Variety Oyster mushroom, button mushroom, milky mushroom, and paddy straw mushroom are the top 5 expensive mushrooms due to their taste and higher profitability.
This mushroom variety can be cultivated in straw along with various mediums. Oyster mushrooms are one of the most consumed expensive mushrooms in India and have a great taste.
Button mushroom is known for its high protein content and delicious taste. This expensive mushroom is consumed fresh, or they are processed for canning for later use.
Milky mushroom or Calocybe indica is an edible white mushroom and mostly emerges after rainfall. This expensive mushroom variety has a long and thick fibrous stalk.
This expensive mushroom is available both canned and fresh. The paddy straw mushroom is popular for its extensive use in the cuisines of Southeast Asian countries.
Apart from being consumed all over the world, shiitake mushrooms are cultivated for medicine purposes as well. It is an expensive mushroom due to its high nutritional content.
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