Most Expensive Fruits Of India

Numerous expensive fruits are being cultivated in order to achieve a profitable income. However, we are explaining 5 major expensive fruits for farmers for higher profits.
Kohitur Mango is one of the most expensive mango varieties, thriving in the Murshidabad region of West Bengal. Moreover, this mango variety is obtained from cross-breeding.
Avocado is also an expensive fruit in the Indian market. The fruit has a higher market value, and due to the lack of a reasonable quantity of Avocados, it is very expensive.
Mulberry is a profitable and expensive fruit to grow on a large-scale. This fruit is difficult to store due its less shelf life. Therefore, it is costly for commercial production.
Cranberry is commercially grown as this fruit gives reasonable profits. However, there is a higher demand for Mulberries due to its shortage in the Indian market.
Blueberry cultivation is another profitable farming practice because it has a higher price. This is due to the limited production of blueberries in the Indian markets.
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