1. Engine

The HP of MASSEY FERGUSON 9500 is a 58 HP tractor fitted with a 2700 CC engine while FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX is 55 HP fitted with a 3510 CC engine.

2. No. of Cylinder & Air Filter

MASSEY FERGUSON 9500 is coupled with 3 cylinders and a Dry-type air filter with an Intercooler coolant system whereas FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX is coupled with 3 cylinders and a Dry-type air filter.

3. Transmission, Clutch & Gearbox

MASSEY FERGUSON 9500 is equipped with a Dual-clutch and side shift the comfiest transmission while a Dual / Independent clutch and side shift constant mesh transmission are fitted in FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX.

4. Brakes & Steering

Both tractor models are fitted with Oil Immersed brakes but the MASSEY FERGUSON 9500 comes with Power Steering and the FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX comes with Balanced Power Steering.

5. Lifting Capacity

The MASSEY FERGUSON 9500 has a 2050 kg lifting capacity with Category - II 3-point linkage and ADDC hydraulic control while the FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX has a 2500 kg lifting capacity with ADDC hydraulic control.

6. Price Range

MASSEY FERGUSON 9500 price starts from Rs. 8,10,000 - Rs. 10,70,000 and FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX price is affordable and less expensive.

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