Massey Ferguson 244 DI Sona Best Mileage 2WD Tractor

Massey 244 DI sona tractor has a partial constant mesh gearbox with 10 forward and 2 reverse gears, providing smooth and easy functions.
Massey Ferguson 244 di sona tractor has a 44 HP engine power and an engine capacity of 2500 CC, making it a fuel-efficient and powerful tractor.
The Massey Ferguson 244 DI sona tractor is powered by a 3-cylinder engine that delivers smooth performance and low fuel consumption.
This Massey Ferguson 244 DI sona tractor model features enhanced hydraulics that can handle heavy-duty tasks and lift loads up to 1700 kg with ease.
The Massey 244 DI sona tractor has a Quadra PTO that delivers 540 RPM at 1906 engine RPM for efficient power transmission to various implements.
Massey ferguson 241 tractor also provides a Bumper, oil pipe kit, water bottle holder, adjustable seat, mobile charger and other standard accessories for better performance and safety.
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