MASSEY FERGUSON 1035 DI - A Powerful & Multitasking Tractor Model

Massey Ferguson manufactures many tractor models ranging from 28 HP to 75 HP with one of the best world-class technology.

From the lineup of models, it manufactures the MASSEY FERGUSON 1035 DI with 36 HP engine power.

It is built with an amazing robust body, admiring design and fitted with excellent quality technology that makes it demanding among the farmers.

Buy MASSEY FERGUSON 1035 DI price that starts from Rs. 4,94,000 Lakh* - Rs. 5,28,000 Lakh* with every possible feature.

Its multifunctional quality makes it unique and stand out from the crowd because it comes with an 1100 kg lifting capacity that makes it compatible to lift other farming applications.

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