Mandarin Orange Farming With Information Guidelines

Climatic Condition

Up to 1,500 metres above mean sea level, all frost-free tropical and subtropical climates support the growth of mandarins.


Grown in various soil types, including clay loam, deep clay loam, and acidic soils in the Deccan plateau, as well as sandy loam or alluvial soils in northern India.

Land Preparation

It is necessary to level and fully till the ground. In steep locations, planting is done on terraces up against the hills.


Requires critical stage watering in the initial year. It further reduces fruit drop and increases the fruit size.


The flowering of Ambiabahar occurs in Jan, and the fruits are available in Oct and Dec. Mrigbahar, the flowering of which appears in the month of June-July and the fruits are harvested from Feb-April.


Commences from the 5th year with about 50 fruits per tree and stabilizes in the 8th year. Average production is about 700-800 fruits per tree after stabilization. 

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