From Scholar to CEO: Mallika Srinivasan's Inspiring Journey

India's Tractor Queen Mallika Srinivasan leads TAFE, a Rs 10,000 Cr company, revolutionising the agriculture sector. She earned a gold medal at Madras University and pursued further studies at the Wharton School of Business.
Appointed as General Manager of TAFE in 1986, Mallika transformed the company. Under her father's mentorship, she turned it from a modest Rs 85 crore entity into a technology-driven powerhouse.
Since taking over as CEO in 1999, Mallika has propelled TAFE to unprecedented heights. Under her guidance, TAFE achieved a revenue milestone of Rs 10,000 crore. It is now India's leading tractor manufacturer.
With Mallika's guidance, TAFE has become the third-largest tractor manufacturer globally. The company has expanded its market presence across continents and reinforced its position as an industry leader.
Beyond TAFE, Mallika leads the PESB. She serves on AGRA and USIBC boards, advocating for global partnerships and women's empowerment through BRICS WBA initiatives. Her influence spans India's governance and international business.
Recognised as Business Woman of The Year, Mallika continues to receive accolades. For her outstanding contributions to business and society, she is listed among Fortune India’s Most Powerful Women.
TAFE India ranks third globally and second in India by volume, holding a 25% market share and selling 150,000 tractors worldwide. It has partnered with Massey Ferguson and AGCO for 55+ years.
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