Malabar Neem Farming :- Modern Cropping Trend For Profits

Climatic Requirements

It needs a temperate climate and a rainfall of 800 mm per year for suitable growth.

Soil Necessities

Malabar Neem grows well in red, sandy loam and lateritic soils. Also, it can be planted in a variety of gravelly soils.

Land Preparation

Properly plough the field 2 to 3 times to remove the weeds, and make the required pits for sowing.

Irrigation Needs

Malabar Neem farming requires watering every 10 to 15 days in the non-rainy season and it needs less water in monsoon.


It grows 20 to 25 cm annually and the expected timber growth for the this tree is 12 to 15 cubic feet in 5 years.

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