Mahindra YUVO TECH Plus 405 DI - 39 Hp Powerful Tractor


Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 405 tractor model has a 3-cylinder, 39 HP engine which generates 2000 RPM and 170 NM torque. The engine is fitted with a parallel cooling system and dry type filter.

Gear Box

Yuvo Tech Plus 405 has a fully constant mesh transmission, operated by single clutch and 12 forward + 3 reverse gears, which helps in smoother ride and it can achieve higher speeds with ease.

Lifting Capacity

Mahindra Yuvo 405 Di tractor model comes with 35.50 HP Take-Off power and 1700 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, helping in a smoother farming experience with lower fuel consumption.

Brakes And Steering

Mahindra Yuvo 405 Di tractor has a smooth power steering system and oil-immersed brakes for effective control and proper safety of the operator on every farming terrain.

Hydraulic Controls And Wheel Drive

Mahindra Yuvo tech 405 Di tractor model has a position and automatic draft control hydraulic system with 2wd for effortlessly performing agricultural operations and lifting heavy farming tools.

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