Mahindra Launched OJA Tractor Series In India

Mahindra OJA is the newest tractor series from M&M, which has the best-in-class tractor models, equipped with advanced technologies to boost farming productivity.
Mahindra OJA 2121 4WD is a power-packed tractor with a 3-cylinder engine, generating 21 HP for various farming operations, and it is available for a budget-friendly price as well.
This tractor model has a 40 HP engine which produces 2500 RPM for a range of agricultural operations. Mahindra OJA 3140 serves every farming need while ensuring fuel efficiency.
Mahindra OJA 2130 is perfect for medium to large farms as it has a 3-cylinder, 30 HP engine. The tractor offers 25.4 HP Take-Off power for a variety of farming implements.
This OJA series tractor from Mahindra is fitted with a 36 HP engine for delivering ideal power to crop production, resulting in improved quality and quality of yield.
Mahindra OJA 2124 has every farming feature to boost crop production on every field. This tractor comes with a powerful 24 HP engine, and it is an ideal choice for a mini tractor.
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