Mahindra 475 DI best tractor model of Mahindra Tractor

The Mahindra 475 DI is an excellent farming choice as it is equipped with a powerful 4-cylinder engine to generate 1900 RPM at 42 HP, leading to an eye-catching performance.
With a Single / Dual clutch option and 8 forward + 2 reverse gears, the Mahindra 475 DI has a smoothly functioning transmission, effective for multiple tasks.
Farmers can comfortably operate the Mahindra 475 DI tractor as it comes with comfortable seating that reduces vibrations and shocks, resulting in longer operations.
The Mahindra 475 DI tractor model is fitted with a mechanical/power steering system for easier vehicle handling. Thus, the operator’s safety is ensured by effective steering.
Equipped with an optional dry disc and oil-immersed braking system, the Mahindra 475 DI provides proper control and grip over any surface, resulting in effective braking.
This Mahindra tractor comes with a 6 X 16 front tyre size, and the rear tyre size is 12.4 X 28 / 13.6 X 28. Hence, it offers a smoother ride in every farming terrain.
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