Mahindra 225 DI


It has the highest torque of 72 Nm, which carries out all operations easily while offering high mileage and lower cost of operations and maintenance. Thus, giving you performance and savings together.

Automatic Draft & Depth Control

Controls the setting of equipment such as the plough and cultivator.

Designed for the toughest usage

This tractor can lift 750 kg, making it suitable for lifting heavy loads and larger tools. Additionally, it has a strong metal body to withstand daily tough use. The two-speed PTO delivers the greatest performance.

Advanced build for the best in style and comfort

Power steering for easy control, side shift gears for ease of shifting and a suspension seat.

Ease in intercultural operations

Offers high ground clearance and narrow rear adjustable track width.


25 km/h highway speed allows you to make more trips in the same amount of time.

Water Tanker

3000 kg of pulling force

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