Low Investment Agriculture Business Ideas in India

Microgreen farming produces microgreens commercially. It's possible to do this in a backyard or small room. Microgreens are ideal for indoor growing and are Low-Investment Agri-Business.
Mushroom cultivation is the process of growing mushrooms for food or medicinal purposes. It involves controlled conditions for optimal growth.
Growing herbs involves cultivating various aromatic plants for culinary, medicinal, or decorative purposes. It's a rewarding and versatile practice for home gardeners.
Vertical farming grows plants indoors, also called indoor farming. Instead of sunlight, LED lights are used, along with controlled nutrition systems.
Beekeeping provides multiple income streams, such as honey, beeswax, and pollination services. It's a lucrative endeavor due to the strong demand for natural honey and its by-products.
Beginning an organic farm is financially rewarding as the demand for organic food increases. It's profitable to concentrate on fruits, vegetables, herbs, and organic livestock.
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