Lotus Farming Tips in India: Lotus Flower Season

Lotus Farming suitable resources, efficient technology and ideal agro-climate, we can achieve a significant profit from Lotus farming. Therefore, it is a profitable business opportunity.

It is essential to choose the right location for the large-scale production of lotus. Farmers must ensure the right location before cultivating the lotus plant.
The best season to plant lotus in India is March to May. We must take care about the amount of sunlight as the lotus plant requires plenty of sunlight for the ideal growth.
Provide fertilizer in the pond for proper growth of the lotus plant. However, the it is recommended that the face of the lotus pond should be in the north-east direction.
Give at least 6 hours of sunlight daily, and prevent the lotus plants from flowing water. In addition, there should not be an excess amount of salts in water due to fertilizers.
The lotus plants thrive best in hot water. Therefore, make sure to keep the plants in warm water. As a result, it will lead to healthier production from lotus ponds.
The pests include Yellow Striped Armyworm, Waterlily Leafcutter, Japanese Beetles and Leafhoppers. Also, vascular wilt and tuber blackening are some common diseases.

The suitable season for harvesting lotus starts from August and it continues till Autumn. Therefore, the lotus plant is harvested after 5 to 8 months of planting.

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