Lettuce Cultivation Guide In India : Types of Lettuce

The 4 varieties of lettuce are celtuce or asparagus lettuce, head or cabbage lettuce, leaf or curled lettuce and cos or romaine lettuce. These varieties have a high market value.
Successful lettuce cultivation is dependent on choosing the right soil and climate conditions. This ensures optimal growth to obtain a high-quality production from the plants.
Determining the correct seed rate is one of the crucial steps in lettuce farming. This is because it directly impacts the density of the plant and overall production.
Nursery raising plays a vital role in lettuce cultivation. The nurseries provide a strong foundation for healthy seedlings and ensure successful produce from lettuce farming.
Planting lettuce at the right depth and spacing is a recommended tip for robust growth and high-quality yields, as it is a key aspect in the large-scale cultivation of lettuce.
Efficient management of fertilizer is a critical component of lettuce farming. This ensures a proper balance of nutrients to obtain a healthy quality yield of this leafy green.
Proper irrigation techniques are paramount in lettuce farming tips. This is because consistent moisture levels are needed to prevent stress and ensure a good harvest.
Harvesting lettuce at the right time is a crucial step in lettuce farming to deliver the best quality yield to market. This process is carried out when leaves are crisp.
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