Leading Indian Agricultural States for Crop Producing

India is the second leading crop-producing country after China. Check the top 5 major crop-producing Indian states.

1. West Bengal

West Bengal is one of the leading rice-producing states in India. With 71.23 lakh population engaged in farming, produces spices, chilli, turmeric and many more vegetable crops.

2. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is popular in producing sugarcane with 45.39 million annual production. It is a leading state, that produces wheat majorly after sugarcane.

3. Gujarat

It is one of the leading states who produce the cash crops such as cotton, groundnut, sesame and many more.

4. Assam

Assam is leading in tea production and is also an agricultural independent state.

5. Haryana

Haryana majorly grows wheat, rice and many crops, 70% of the population engages in agriculture. It is also a leading state that involves livestock farming.
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