Lavender Farming In India With All Necessary Information 

Necessary Climate

Lavender needs a cool climate, and suitable areas are temperate regions. A good amount of sunlight is also by the plant. 

Suitable Soil 

Calcareous soil with organic content is known to be good for the growth of Lavender. Light, well-aerated soil with pH 7.0 to 8.3 is crucial for production.    

Preparation Of Land

Lavender plantation is done by removing weeds with 2 to 3 ploughings. Also, farmyard manure can be applied to the soil if necessary.     

Irrigation Requirements

Irrigation should be provided for initial 2 years before the proper development of plants. Use drip irrigation for sufficient growth. 

Harvesting Process

When the stem reaches 10 cm in length, it is ready to be harvested, and this process is carried out from August to September.


One hectare of land gives a 15 kg yield, and 1.2% to 1.5% oil content can be extracted from this output. 

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