Largest Fennel Producing States in India

Gujarat, India, is famous for high-quality fennel seeds, prized for their aromatic flavour. The state's favourable climate and soil conditions contribute to the success of fennel farming.
Gujarat is the top producer of fennel in India, making up a huge 71.65% of the country's total fennel production in the 2021-22 year period.
Rajasthan is important for fennel production, providing almost a quarter (24.86%) of the country's fennel. This is because the weather and soil in the state are just right for growing it.
Madhya Pradesh is starting to contribute more to the fennel industry, making up 1.91% of all fennel produced in India. There's a chance for it to grow even more.
West Bengal grows some fennel, about 0.77% of all the fennel in India. Their work helps make the fennel market in our country more varied.
Uttar Pradesh is the fifth largest producer of fennel in the country. Uttar Pradesh is starting to grow more fennel, contributing 0.47% to all the fennel produced in India.
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