KUBOTA NEOSTAR A211N best tractor 4wd model

The Kubota Neostar A211N price is Rs. 4.23 - 4.35 lakh in India, which is according to the farmers’ budgets. Thus, it is a recommended farming choice for every farmer.
This Kubota Neostar A211N mini tractor comes with a powerful lifting capacity of 750 kg. Therefore, it can handle the necessary agricultural machines with ease.
With 9 forward and 3 reverse gears, this Kubota mini tractor gives smoothness in farming operations. Also, its transmission gives easier transition of gears as per the needs.
Kubota Neostar A211N mini tractor is fitted with an effective mechanical steering system that offers effortless handling of this farming machine, helpful for every terrain.
It has a single friction plate clutch, offering ease during gear shifting. This Kubota mini tractor’s clutch can seamlessly engage & disengage the engine power while gear change.
Equipped with an oil-immersed braking system, the Kubota Neostar A211N provides control in slippery terrains with adequate grip. Thus, ensuring the operator’s safety.
This Kubota mini tractor comes with a 5000 hours or 5-year warranty, which is ideal according to its features. Hence, it is a trustworthy and reliable farming choice.
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