Kubota MU5502 Best 4WD Tractor Model With 4 Cylinders

The Kubota MU5502 tractor boasts a powerful 50 HP engine with 4 cylinders and 2434 cc engine capacity, providing reliable performance for heavy-duty tasks.
The Kubota MU5502 transmission system offers smooth and efficient synchromesh gear shifting with 12 forward and 4 reverse gears for maximum productivity in the field.
The Kubota MU5502 has a lifting capacity of up to 1800/2100 kg, this tractor can easily handle even the heaviest loads.
The advanced oil-immersed braking system ensures safe and precise stopping power, even on steep slopes.
The effective power steering system provides easy manoeuvrability and precise control, even in tight spaces.
The price range between Rs. 8.72 lakhs to Rs. 10.56 lakhs makes Kubota MU5502 a great value for farmers. Also, providing peace of mind with a 5-year warranty program.
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