Kubota MU4501 Best Tractor for Farming

KUBOTA MU4501 has a powerful and efficient engine capacity of 2434 CC that delivers 45 HP and 2500 engine-rated RPM with a 4-cylinder diesel engine.
The gearbox of the KUBOTA MU4501 45 HP features 8 forward and 4 backward gears, and it includes a main synchromesh transmission for smoother and more noise-free shifting.
The KUBOTA MU4501 tractor model has a price range of Rs. 7.69 lakhs up to Rs. 9.15 lakhs in India, depending on the variant and features.
The strong hydraulic lifting capability of 1640 kg at the lift point of the KUBOTA MU4501 makes it ideal for a variety of implements and applications.
The KUBOTA MU4501 45 HP tractor model has a large fuel tank that can store up to 60 litres of diesel. This allows the tractor to run for longer hours without frequent refueling.
A long warranty of 5000 hours or 5 years covering any physical damages or defects is available for the KUBOTA MU4501 45 HP tractor model.
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