Kubota L Series Tractor Models in India

This series manufactures 2 classy and affordable tractor models that range from 34 HP to 45 HP. The Kubota L series price starts from Rs. 6.91 lakh* - Rs. 8.5 lakh*.

1. Kubota L3408

It is a 34 HP heavy-duty tractor with 1647 cc and 3 cylinders, making it fuel efficient. The Kubota L3408 4WD price starts from Rs. 6.91 up to Rs. 7.05 Lakh*.

2. Kubota L4508

It is a 45 HP utility tractor model which is fitted with a 2197 CC engine and 42 litres fuel tank. The Kubota L4508 4WD price is available from Rs. 8.34 Lakhs to Rs. 8.50 Lakhs.
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