Kubota A Series Tractor Models - Overview

This is the first series of Kubota tractors, including 2 models of 21 HP, respectively and is engineered with quality technologies. The Kubota A series tractor price starts from Rs. 4.3 Lakh* - Rs. 4.62 Lakh*.

It is a 21 HP mini tractor which is fitted with a 1001 CC engine that generates 2600 RPM. The KUBOTA NEOSTAR A211N price starts from Rs. 4.30 - 4.41 lakh*.

It has 21 HP engine power that delivers power from the 1001 CC engine and 3 cylinders. The KUBOTA NEOSTAR A211N - OP price is available from Rs. 4.46 - 4.62 lakh*.

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