Kesar Mango Farming Tips In India

With proper caring and suitable farming practices, farmers can cultivate around 82 trees on one acre land. However, some plantations can accommodate 674 plants per acre.
A well-drained soil with a pH level of 5.5 to 7.5 is suitable for Kesar mango farming. Along with this, it requires soil with organic matter for high-quality fruit development.
A humid and warm climate is essential for the cultivation of Kesar mangoes. Moreover, the fruits require longer duration of sunlight and sufficient rainfall.
Farmers must properly prepare the land before planting Kesar mango trees. However, 2 to 3 ploughings are required with a 1 x 1 x 1 m pits and 8 x 8 m distance.
It is recommended to choose big and healthy Kesar mango seedlings for cultivation. Also, we must ensure that the seedlings are free from any kind of diseases and pests.
For the grafted Kesar mangoes, the spacing should be 9 X 9 m. At the same time, rich and wet soils require 12 X 12 m of distance for ideal growth of Kesar mangoes.
The recommended harvesting season for Kesar mango farming is April to May. Furthermore, these mango fruits are ready to be harvested when they appear yellowish green.
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