Kartar 5936 High Performance Tractor for Farming

The Kartar 5936 tractor has a fuel-efficient engine which has 4 cylinders, producing 2200 RPM at 60 HP with the help of an impressive 4160 CC displacement capacity.
A synchromesh transmission with an independent clutch offers smooth operation in every farming terrain by easier transitioning of 12 forward + 12 reverse gears.
Kartar 5936 is a heavy-duty tractor from Kartar has an enormous 2200 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, resulting in effectively carrying weighted farm implements for fieldwork.
An oil-immersed braking system helps in rapid stopping of the Kartar 5936 tractor. Also, these brakes are sufficiently lubricated, resulting in less wear and tear.
Kartar 5936 4wd tractor has a smooth acting power steering system, ensuring safer handling of the tractor on every surface. This helps the operator to experience a fatigue-free operation.
It comes with a reasonable warranty of 2000 hours or 2 years. Also, the Kartar 5936 tractor price is Rs. 10.80 to 11.15 lakh in India, which is fair according to the farmers.
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