John Deere 5105 VS Mahindra Yuvo 415 DI Which Tractor is Better

The John Deere 5105 and Mahindra YUVO 415 DI have 40 HP engines, generating impressive power in every crop field. Hence, both the tractors are ideal for farming.
Mahindra YUVO 415 DI is fitted with a full constant transmission. On the other hand, the John Deere 5105 has a collarshift transmission for smooth field operations.
John Deere 5105’s engine displacement capacity is 2900 CC, while the Mahindra YUVO 415 DI’s engine has a 2730 CC displacement capacity. Thus, both provide an economic mileage.
Mahindra YUVO 415 DI comes with a 2020 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, suitable for lifting heavy loads. In comparison, John Deere 5105 has a 1810 kg lifting capacity.
The John Deere 5105 wheelbase is 1970 mm and the Mahindra YUVO 415 DI is 1925 mm. As a result, both tractors give ideal stability in every crop production operation.
Mahindra YUVO 415 DI is available from Rs. 6.85 to 7.15 lakh, reasonable for every farmer. On the other hand, John Deere 5105 tractor is listed from Rs. 6.55 to 7.10 lakh in India.
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