Jackfruit Farming Tips in India - Jackfruit growing season

Jackfruit farming in India has many benefits, which include providing a sustainable source of food, generating income for farmers, and promoting biodiversity.
Jackfruit trees grow in warm, humid, and subtropical climates with average rainfall between 100 to 240 cm and can thrive up to an elevation of 1600 meters.
Jackfruit trees need well-drained sandy loam soil with pH 6.0-7.5 and good drainage due to intolerance to waterlogging.
Grafting is the most preferred propagation method for jackfruit cultivation due to its ability to ensure faster fruit production and higher yield compared to seedling or budding methods.
It is important to note that a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight exposure is necessary for jackfruit trees to thrive and produce an abundant harvest.
The natural habitat for growing jackfruit in India is in Kerala, eastern parts, and Goa, but irrigation may be required in other states, and it has a moderate market.
Jackfruit plants need regular watering during the first few years, and irrigation should be provided in hot, dry weather conditions.
Jackfruit trees start bearing fruits in 3-4 years after planting, with the main fruit season being summer and autumn, typically maturing 150-180 days after flowering.
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