Importance of Soil Fertility for Agriculture in India

Soil Fertility is defined as the ability of the soil to provide nutrients and suitable biological, physical and chemical conditions for the proper development of the plant.
A healthy soil is crucial for the ideal growth of the crops and plants. Therefore, healthy vegetation cannot survive without the required Soil Fertility of the field.
Just as any living being, soil can also die. The composition of the soil is mainly microorganisms, and when they die, the fertility of the soil decreases significantly.
Proper nutrition is necessary for the well being of the soil, similar to any living being. Hence, we must provide the essential nutrients according to the requirement.
Soil is often confused with dirt, but the soil’s composition is way different. It has various matter and it constitutes organic matter and microorganisms in an undefined ratio.
Soil has various layers, and each layer is crucial to sustain the plants’ growth. As a result, every layer that makes up the soil is needed for a better quality harvest.
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