Importance Of Natural Farming With Complete Details

What is natural Farming?

Also referred to as the ‘Fukuoka Method’, natural farming promotes working and thriving along with the biodiversity in the farmland, i.e. both plants and animals.

Some principles of natural farming

1. To safe and nutritious food that promotes the health, safety, and prosperity of all living organisms in the food chain.

2. To act as an economical solution for both producers and consumers.

3. Conserve and protect the environment.

Organic farming Vs Natural farming 

In organic farming, natural and organic fertilizers and insecticides are added to the cropland, but natural farming takes place without using any of the chemicals used in organic farming.

Some benefits of natural farming?

1. Improved yield 

2. Increased farmer’s income

3. Minimized cost of production

4. Ensuring biodiversity and better health.

Importance of natural farming

The ecology and food security of beings dependent on it are restored, along with the biodiversity of the farming area.

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