How To Start Organic Farming In India

Organic farming is a method of agriculture where the use of pesticides and man-made fertilizers is prohibited. Also, chemical free water is used in irrigation in organic farming. 
Different schemes and campaigns are being introduced to promote organic farming in India. Government of India is making it easier for farmers to adopt organic farming.
Compost is an essential component of the soil used in organic farming. Therefore, preparing compost with plant material and animal manure is a crucial step in soil preparation. 

The use of pesticides and insecticides are prohibited in organic farming. Only natural methods are used to control the emerging pest and diseases in organic farming. 

One of the major government schemes for organic farming is PKVY (Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana), which encourages farmers to practice organic farming by providing subsidies. 
Organic farming is highly profitable as chemical free crops have a higher market price. As a result, a number of farmers are turning to organic farming for higher earnings.
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