How to Protect the Crop From Heavy Rain

If you grow any crops, you need steady rainfall to keep them healthy. Try the following tips for protecting the crops.

Preventing Plant Damage

Raindrops can damage plants and soil if they're moving at full speed, so anything that slows them down will help.

Cover Plants with Pots and Buckets

Make sure your bucket size is big enough for growing plants under it. If the top of the plant is pressed against the bucket, the stem may break.

Tie plants to stems so the wind can not break them

This method supports the plant and prevents the stem from breaking or bending as the plant thrives.

Stopping Soil Erosion

Lay mulch around the base of plants and spread a layer 1-2 to slow the rainfall and help stop soil erosion during heavy storms.

Plant cover crops in bare areas

This is a convenient technique for no-till farming, as you can control the flow of water without cutting drainage ditches and channels.
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