How to Prevent Cows From Lumpy Disease?

Lumpy Skin is a viral disease caused by Capripoxvirus that occurs in cows and sometimes in buffaloes. Arthropod vectors transmit diseases like mosquitoes, biting flies, and ticks. 


1. Fever is the illness's primary symptom, followed by the growth of cutaneous nodules (2–5 cm in diameter) all over the body.

2. If fever continues or the animal shows nasal discharge/respiratory signs, are administered to check for secondary infection.

Vaccination & Medication

Affected animals can be treated with the help of commercially available antibiotics and antipyretics like vetalgin, meloxicam, & ketoprofen. It is advisable to use different antibiotics for secondary infections.

How to prevent them?

Over the Skin, an antiseptic cream with fly-repelling effects can be applied.

Animals with infections must only be treated on farms since they can develop high fevers when travelling due to the humidity in the environment.

What to avoid?

During an outbreak, avoid purchasing additional animals for your herd and limit the movement of your animals & try to reduce the number of transmitters (such as midges, fleas, ticks, flies, and mosquitoes) on your farm

How to Immunize cattle?

Also, use the LSD/Goat Pox Vaccine as recommended by the manufacturers to immunize all of your herd's healthy animals.

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