How To Cultivate Radish, Know Complete Information

Ideal Time To Grow Radishes

Radish seeds can be sown in the spring between early April and early May, as well as in the fall between August 1 and September 1.

In loosened soil, you need to sow radish seeds one inch apart in rows one foot apart. For optimal results, use light, well-drained soil with a pH of 5.8 to 6.8

Always keep the soil moist. Despite the fact that they do need some moisture for their roots to become fat, radishes shouldn't be allowed to sit in water.

Radishes barely ever require soil fertilizer. However, too much nitrogen is a common issue when growing radishes.

When to Harvest?

Simply pull one out to examine. You can usually start picking radishes when the roots are about an inch or 2.5 cm across.

How many Radishes can a single plant yield?

One radish plant produces one Radish. Radishes are easy to cultivate; all you need to do is plant a lot of seeds, and you'll have plenty of them in three to four weeks.

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