India’s Top 5 Highest Carrot Producing States

Uttar Pradesh is the highest vegetable-producing state in India due to the availability of ideal climatic conditions. It has a huge contribution to carrot production in India.
The annual production of carrots in Haryana is 3,86,390 tonnes. This makes it one of the major carrot-producing states in India, with a significant contribution to overall yield.
Punjab has a contribution of more than 11 percent of the total carrot production in India. A huge number of farmers are engaged in carrot production in this Indian state.
Uttar Pradesh is responsible for contributing to a share of over 9 percent of carrots grown in India. Cultivating carrots is a profitable business for farmers of Uttar Pradesh.
A large land area of Madhya Pradesh is engaged in carrot production. This state has a significant role in the overall carrot production of India with more than 8 percent share.
Bihar is another major carrot producing state in India. The farmers of Bihar are highly dedicated to large scale cultivation of carrots as it is a lucrative business.
With over 7 percent contribution to total carrots produced in India, Tamil Nadu also makes its place in the list of carrot growers, resulting in higher profits for farmers.
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