Hazelnut Farming Tips in India - Hazelnut Benefits

Hazelnuts are packed with nutrients like healthy fats, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They're good for your heart, digestion, and weight. Plus, their antioxidant-rich properties help lower disease risk.
Hazelnut trees are resilient but need moderate climates for good harvests. A temperature drop to -10°C, especially with wind, can harm both male and female flowers.
In hot climates, Hazelnuts need a sheltered spot with good irrigation. They grow best in fertile, deep, and well-drained soil that absorbs rain and doesn't hold water for too long.
To plant hazelnut trees, space them 15-18 feet apart. Soak the roots in water before planting. Dig a hole with a good root system and plant the tree 12 inches above the base of the root loop.
For mature Hazelnut trees, fertilizer application should be guided by leaf and soil analysis. Recommended rates include 120-150 Kg/hectare of N, 60-70 Kg/hectare of P, and 100 Kg/hectare of K.
Harvest hazelnuts between late August and October after they've fallen from trees. The bushes typically yield nuts in their fourth year but reach full production around year nine.
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