HAV 55 S1 Fully Automatic Electric Tractor for Farming

The HAV 55 S1 tractor comes with a high-performing 51 HP engine, which gives top-notch operation. Also, it generates 3000 RPM with the help of a modern hybrid engine.
This HAV tractor has a smart E-drive with active torque and slip control, leading to a smoother driving experience. Therefore, this hybrid tractor can make farming easier.
The HAV 55 S1 tractor has a draft and position control hydraulic with 2200 kg lifting capacity. Also, the tractor comes with CAT II 3-point linkage, for easier dragging.
This hybrid tractor comes with an active E-braking system. Along with this, its parking braking is fitted with oil-immersed brakes, ensuring the operator’s safety and control.
There is a smooth-functioning steering fitted in this tractor, which offers superior handling on every surface. As a result, farmers can control the HAV 55 S1 tractor comfortably.
The HAV 55 S1 price in India starts from Rs. 11.99 lakh in India, making it a budget-friendly choice. Also, this attractive HAV tractor comes with a reasonable warranty.
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