Greenhouse Farming In India - Crops & Subsidy

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure designed for plant cultivation, trapping solar heat to create a warm, controlled environment that promotes growth. Greenhouses have many advantages.

Advantages Of Greenhouse

Greenhouses yield 10-12x more, ensure reliability, and suit various crops: year-round floricultural production and off-season veggies/fruits. Disease-free, superior transplants.
For successful greenhouse farming, expertise in technical, economic, and marketing aspects is essential. We offer training and consultancy programs to help you get started.

Which Crop Is Suitable For Greenhouse Farming?

High investment, yet greenhouse farming thrives due to valuable, sustainable market demand for floriculture crops. Tomato, capsicum and lily are a few examples.
High initial investment in greenhouse farming (40-60 lac/acre for the playhouse). Banks offer horticulture loans; create a project report to apply for loans and subsidies.
Banks offering horticulture loans: SBI, PNB, BOB, Canara Bank, NABARD, and more. Farmers can approach these banks to access financial support for greenhouse farming activities.
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