Grapes Farming in India - Grapes Cultivation

Grapes farming in India involves a diverse range of over 20 varieties, although only a dozen are commercially produced, with popular ones including Thompson Seedless, Bangalore Blue, and Flame Seedless.
Grapes can be grown in well-drained soils such as sandy loams, sandy clay loams, and red loams, with good water holding capacity and water table below 6.5m.
Grapes require a Mediterranean climate, with vegetative growth from April to September and fruiting from October to March in South Indian conditions.
Proper land preparation, including plowing, leveling, and addition of organic manure, is crucial for successful grape farming in India.
To ensure successful grape farming in India, it's important to prevent and manage common pests and diseases through timely sanitation, pruning, and use of natural insecticides and fungicides.
Harvesting of grapes in India is done manually or mechanically, depending on the variety and the purpose of the crop, and typically begins from mid-January and continues until May.
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