Government Schemes for Gaushala - Know More Details

The custodian must have an arrangement for keeping 200 cows, and a minimum of 1.5 to 2-acre land is needed. Also, apply for Goshala registration from the Chief Veterinary Office.
This is a campaign in which grants are given to the people who build cow shelters for the protection of cows. And grants are also given even for the protection of one cow.
The objective of this scheme is to open Nandi Goshala in every district for protecting abandoned and stray male cows or oxen, resulting in the betterment of cattle.
This government scheme was introduced to support the infrastructure development of a state-registered Gaushala. There is a grant of a maximum of Rs. 10 lakh to help its construction.
This scheme focuses on saving the cows from getting slaughtered. The Directorate of Gopalan has a significant role in the protection of cows by proper monitoring.
This scheme is beneficial for the goshalas in terms of profits. Under this scheme, the government gives financial aid for constructing Biogas plants to produce energy.
The aim of this scheme is to plant the embryo of healthy cows in the womb of other cows in order to produce healthier offspring for the betterment of species.
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